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COVID-19 Relief Efforts in India

A list of initiatives to support vulnerable groups( daily wagers, homeless, trash-pickers) during the COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdown

Filter by locations: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pan India

HackOn online hackathon

use your skills to help battle against the issues being faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Tracks: Healthcare and Technology, Supporting At-Risk or Quarantined People, Improving Awareness and Behaviour, Working Remotely

Application Phase: Till 10th April 2020

Hackathon: 11th April 2020 - 19th April 2020


Wiki Post for Creating+Sourcing Masks
🌍 Global / Remote

wiki post for discussing creating and sourcing masks

learn how to make effective home-made masks from a variety of household materials

add resources, information about sourcing supplies, requests for help, offers of help

🌍 Global / Remote

a collection of open-sourced dashboards, maps, APIs, data, analysis, applications (apps, CLI), crowdsourced lists, site recommendations


🌍 Global / Remote

Useful projects and resources for COVID-19

Developers around the world are building applications for the public to get up-to-date and accurate information as quickly as possible

If you are a developer, you may also be able to contribute to some of these projects

COVID-19 Dashboards by Github
🌍 Global / Remote

a virtual team of open source collaborators that gather data, make visualizations and perform analysis regarding the COVID-19 epidemic

project aims to offer an accessible way for data professionals to share dashboards (updated with new data automatically) without requiring any expertise in front end development

COVID Tracking Project for USA

information from 50 US states, the District of Columbia, and 5 other US territories to provide comprehensive testing data we can collect for the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

attempt to include positive and negative results, pending tests, and total people tested for each state or district currently reporting that data.

Coronathon for India

join people from India's tech, business, healthcare community and build projects to help minimize COVID-19's impact on India

Virtual Hackathon, Discussion+Team Formation on Slack

For whom?: Hardware/Software Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, Marketers, Healthcare providers

Open Source Ventilator
🌍 Global / Remote

a team of engineers, designers & medical practitioners Β all working collaboratively online

goal is to develop a simplified, low-cost & open-source emergency-use ventilator, producible at scale to aid the treatment of COVID19 patients


Donate masks, other types of PPE like disposable booties, safety goggles, and disposable suits

List of Donation Sites all over the country

Filter by state or supplies needed

India COVID-19 Tracker

Live Tracker + Cluster Visualization of COVID cases in India

Get info on each infected patient : Gender, Age, Location, Status, Reporting Date

Cluster Filters: P2P, State, City, Travel

COVID-19 Open-Source Help Desk
🌍 Global / Remote

If you're working on a treatment, a vaccine, or studying the epidemic professionally, and you need help with an open-source package, this forum is for you!

If you're a developer or a scientific computing expert willing to help by answering the posts of the domain experts, please come and help!


COVID help by Makerpad
🌍 Global / Remote

can build mobile apps, websites, ordering systems, workflows, automations and much more in hours, for free.

useful for local businesses looking for technical help in setting up an online presence
🌍 Global / Remote

Fund COVID-19 aid shipments Fund exclusively focuses on supporting the sourcing, transport of supplies related to the coronavirus pandemic

By helping to cover the logistics costs, you’re enabling supplies worth thousands of dollars to reach people in need

mRelief | help people get government benefits

If you've stopped working or your hours have been cut due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), you may qualify for SNAP (food stamps)

mRelief is here to help you find out if you qualify in just a few minutes, to make sure you get the food you need

TrueVault Safe free for COVID-19 projects
🌍 Global / Remote

TrueVault Safe, a HIPAA-compliant database purposely built for healthcare applications

Free of charge to any nonprofit or any "no-charge" COVID-19 projects

Free technical guidance, priority support, HIPAA and security review

Rapid Review Network for COVID-19 Registered Reports
🌍 Global / Remote

CALLING ALL SCIENTISTS: Rapid evaluation of COVID19-related Registered Reports at Royal Society Open Science

PhD students to professors in various disciplines like virology, epidemiology, maths, statistics, psychology, social science etc. are welcome

Google Form

FoldingAtHome | Donate your GPU/CPU time for Drug Discovery
🌍 Global / Remote

help run simulations to discover new therapy opportunities , potential drug targets for COVID-19

in need of more donors with CPUs/GPUs

‍FAQ | Detailed Explainer

Ginkgo Bioworks commits $25M of free access to their platform for partner COVID-19 projects
🌍 Global / Remote

accelerate development of point of care diagnostics, vaccines, or therapeutics

broad range of infrastructure for biotechnology R&D

can help in manufacturing of nucleic acid-based vaccines, support antibody-based therapeutics development, enable point of care diagnostics, provide research tools

A Panic Free Guide for Parents | Brave Care

If you have concerns about your child’s health as it relates to COVID-19, you can use the COVID-19 Symptom Checker

It includes scenarios for kids of all ages, and actionable advice for seeking care based on symptoms recorded

Free Design Help by BioRender
🌍 Global / Remote

online software that helps create beautiful, professional science figures in minutes

free design help for researchers tackling the COVID-19 outbreak


connects healthcare workers (docs, nurses, specialists, support staff) with volunteers who can support medics' basic needs such as chores, child care, delivery etc during the COVID-19 pandemic response

MyGov Innovation | COVID 19 Solution Challenge

share your solutions to help fight #Coronavirus. Submitted solutions will be evaluated for adoption and those selected will be suitable rewarded

Total Prize money: Rs 1.75 Lakh

Last Date of Participation: 31st March

MIT Solve launches global challenge around health security and pandemics | TechCrunch
🌍 Global / Remote

MIT Solve is seeking tech innovations that can slow and track the spread of an emerging outbreak, for example by improving individual hygiene, developing low-cost rapid diagnostics, analyzing data that informs decision making, and providing tools that protect health workers

Challenge Website

3D Designer Contest by Prusa Printers
🌍 Global / Remote

employ 3D modeling and printing for both entertainment and education

Themes: Everyday life necessities, Interactive toys, Educational items

Prizes: 3D Printers (Original Prusa i3 MK3S kit)

Help iFixit Crowdsource Repair Information for Hospital Equipment
🌍 Global / Remote

iFixit is building a central resource for maintenance and repair of hospital equipment

help find service manuals for medical equipment

need help from fixers everywhere, medical professionals, biomedical technicians etc.

$1 million plus in Emergent Ventures Prizes for coronavirus work
🌍 Global / Remote

Best investigative journalism on coronavirus β€” 50k

Best blog or social media tracking/analysis of the virus β€” 100k

Best (justified) coronavirus policy writing β€” 50k

Best effort to find a good treatment rapidly β€” 500k, second prize 200k

Best innovation in social distancing β€” 100k

Most important innovation or improvement for India β€” 100k

Masks for Docs

Have Supplies to donate? Submit info to volunteer on the ground, donate supplies, or help facilitate distribution

Need Supplies? get matched with supplies from others who can share
🌍 Global / Remote

goal is to minimize the impact of COVID-19 by providing useful data, updates and guidelines for action

Actionable tips, World Map, Response protocols, Guidelines for families, businesses, governements

co-faculty, students and affiliates from MIT, Harvard, Brandeis and other universities globally

Covid-19 Student Task Force ft. Yuva Fund | Google Form

Task force led by IIT/BITS/NIT/IIM startup veterans

resourceful and adaptable youngsters/students needed to distribute info, build DIY solutions, manage operations and recruit more people

Decentralised, online base for India's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic

Curation of Projects, Citizen Efforts, Health Resources, Facts

Resources to help individuals and businesses transition better

Help With COVID 19 - a clearing house for projects & volunteers that want to help
🌍 Global / Remote

Filter project by skills needed, project type

Largest collection of COVID19 related projects, volunteers, Deals/ Offers/ Benefits

Discord Channel

Novel Coronavirus Cases, provided by JHU CSSE
🌍 Global / Remote

Help close Issues on Github

Look for anomalies in Data from multiple sources

data repository for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Visual Dashboard operated by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering

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